– Travel Nursing Jobs are in High Demand!

Here on the east coast, we are in the midst of a heat wave, but signs of fall are all around us, which is good news if you’re looking to head south for travel nursing jobs. A bit further north, the leaves are on brilliant display, and the temperatures are dropping like the leaves, but in Florida, things are just gearing up for peak season! That’s right, we all know that Florida is the sunshine state, but did you know that seasonally, there’s a migration of snowbirds to Florida? We’re not talking about wildlife; we’re talking about seasonal residents of the sunshine state that flock to Florida to escape the brutal winters up north. These seasonal residents are called snowbirds, and they are going to bring demand for travel nursing jobs! Here are some great reasons to consider travel nursing jobs in Florida this time of year!


According to www.stateofflorida.com, The sunshine state has 663 miles of beaches, 1,197 statute miles of coastline, and 11,000 miles of rivers, streams and waterways!1 Seasonal temperatures in Florida can vary as the state is long, but you can expect high temperatures in the 60’s, even in the coldest months. Florida is packed with adventure, and you can find every water-based activity, including surfing, snorkeling, sailing, diving, fishing, and several theme parks to boot. Florida also has several ports if you’re looking to easily depart for the Caribbean for a quick weekend or week-long getaway on a cruise line. There is no lack of fun in the sunshine state if you’re looking for fun in between your travel nursing jobs!

Demand for Travel Nursing Jobs

If you’re looking for travel nursing jobs this winter, you should look where the people are. According to mypalmbeach.com, Florida takes on close to a million seasonal residents each winter. Florida has a two-fold draw in the winter months…not only do seasonal residents return to the state from the north but it is also peak tourist season. The average age of these snowbirds in Florida is 69.7.2   Based on that estimate, you can bet these seasonal residents will need healthcare, and travel nursing jobs will be available to meet that increased need.

If you’re curious which cities have the most residents, here are the top 15 most populous metro areas in the state, from www.stateofflorida.com:

  1. Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/Pompano Beach
  2. Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater
  3. Orlando/Kissimmee
  4. Jacksonville
  5. North Port/Bradenton/Sarasota
  6. Cape Coral/Ft. Myers
  7. Lakeland/Winter Haven
  8. Palm Bay/Melbourne/Titusville
  9. Deltona/Daytona Beach/Ormond Beach
  10. Pensacola/Ferry Pass/Brent
  11. Port St. Lucie
  12. Naples/Marco Island
  13. Tallahassee
  14. Ocala
  15. Gainesville

So, with the demand for travel nursing jobs and the promise of sun, fun and adventure this winter, why not consider travel nursing jobs in Florida this winter? If you want to learn more about travel nursing jobs, their benefits and simply visit us at travelphp.com. If you’re a registered nurse with at least a year’s experience and you’re ready to head south for the winter, APPLY NOW to get going on your sunshine state adventure this winter!

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