In Europe or Australia in 2017

I’m sure many of you have dreamed of living and working in Europe or Australia with travel nursing jobs. What’s not to like about working and living in Europe? The history, the culture, the museums, the food, the architecture, the sights and sounds are just a few of the things that draw so many visitors to European destinations. Australia ranks high among dream destinations as well, with exciting outdoor activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and boating and fantastic beaches and scenery to delight your eyes. Nurses have the unique opportunity to travel with their jobs to experience new places and see new things while nursing abroad. If you’re a nurse looking to get out there and explore Europe, Australia, South Africa or other exciting destinations, then you’re in luck! There are travel nursing jobs waiting for you in these exciting destinations! So what can you expect when you decide to pursue nursing abroad?

Travel Nursing jobs in The United Kingdom

Many travel nurses looking for jobs nursing abroad choose United Kingdom to start with. Obviously, unless you speak another language, English speaking destinations are the easiest ones to start with. If you’re interested nursing jobs in the United Kingdom, you’ll have to be admitted to the Nursing & Midwifery Council before you can become employed. There are several steps you must take before you can be admitted to the NMC. You’ll have to pass the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam and send your results to the NMC. If your test is accepted, you’ll have to then complete a 20 day protected learning assessment to be held in the United Kingdom. More information on this program can be found on the NMC website.

Once you have your valid NMC registration in place, an experienced travel nursing agency can help you with finding a position in the UK. NMC registered nurses will be offered challenging, rewarding 12 month positions in both private hospitals and private nursing homes. Your agency will assist you with the hassles of relocation, placement, and housing and will be there to greet you upon your arrival. Combining professional satisfaction with opportunity to explore the beauty and history of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland is a win, win for those nurses with a passion for travel.

Travel Nursing jobs in Australia

Australia is a dream trip and bucket list destination for many people. If you’d like to practice nursing in Australia, you can expect a lengthy process. You will be required to be admitted to the Australian Boards of Nursing before you can begin nursing abroad in Australia. This registration process can be lengthy and can take anywhere from three to six months to complete. Once registered, you’ll be eligible for placement in private and public hospitals in both rural and metropolitan locations for 12 – 24 months. Once again, your travel nursing agency will handle all the hassles of registration, placement and travel so you can focus on enjoying your life and profession.

Clearly, the process of becoming certified for travel nursing jobs abroad can be lengthy, but well worth the effort in the long run. If you’re interested in nursing abroad, don’t delay! Get started now and you can imagine your new life living abroad and practicing what you do best in 2017. Apply now to get started on your new life with travel nursing jobs in Europe or Australia!