With These Travel Nursing Opportunities.

Signs of spring are all around and travel nursing opportunities are out there for licensed nurses to take advantage of all mother nature has to offer at this time of year. If you are a licensed nurse looking for travel nursing opportunities or a nursing student planning your future, you should be aware of the great benefits and pay available to travel nurses. If you are still thawing out in your location, or looking to escape the pollen season down south, you’re in luck…travel nursing opportunities are available throughout the United States and also abroad. Just think how great it would be this time of year to escape to a great destination you’ve always dreamed of! Here is just a sampling of the great places you can visit this spring as a travel nurse…so GET OUT THERE and APPLY NOW for the adventure of a lifetime with these travel nursing opportunities:

Get your spring skiing in!

There’s nothing better than spring skiing! Who doesn’t love to carve through the fresh powder in a light jacket and sunglasses instead of the normal ski goggles and heavy coat! March is the perfect time to look for some late season skiing in places like Lake Tahoe. Ski between Nevada and California at Heavenly resort and it can be just a short drive away from Reno if your travel nursing opportunity brings you there.

Get your sunshine on in Florida!

If you’re living up north, you may still be shoveling snow and looking for a chance to get warm! There are plenty of travel nursing opportunities in the sunny state of Florida! Go as far south as Miami, West Palm, Marco, Naples for year-round warmth or check out Tampa/St. Petersburg for plenty of opportunities for boating and adventure. Florida’s panhandle is warmer from the spring through fall and the gulf coast is famous for its white, sandy beaches and emerald green waters. Florida often provides plenty of travel nursing opportunities with its seasonal and retirement populations.

Everything’s bigger in Texas!

Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, Texas is experiencing tremendous growth and job opportunities in Tech, education and health care are drawing lots of young people. According to CNN Money, “Austin remains America’s big growth story. Since 2010, Austin’s population has risen by 100,000. Put another way: more people have moved to Austin over that time span than to San Francisco and Philadelphia — combined.”1

If you’re keeping up with the population with the smart thought that more travel nursing opportunities will come with population growth, here are the top 10 cities for population growth from the same report:

  • New York, NY: +52,700
  • Houston, TX : +35,700
  • Los Angeles, CA: +30,900
  • Austin, TX: +25,600
  • San Antonio, TX: +24,900
  • Phoenix, AZ: +24,600
  • San Diego, CA: +21,200
  • Dallas, TX: +20,300
  • Fort Worth, TX: +18,100
  • Charlotte, NC: +16,

 1       http://money.cnn.com/2015/05/27/news/economy/us-fastest-growing-cities-texas/

So if you’ve got spring fever and are searching for travel nursing opportunities to get you out exploring our great nation, wait no longer…APPLY TODAY for the best benefits and pay!