Travel The U.S. While You Work With Travel Nursing Jobs!

Let’s face it, nurses are not in it for the glory, or the kudos, or for fantastic perks and pay. Nurses work hard, sometimes without ever hearing the word “thanks”sometimes for hours on end, without sleep, food or time off their feet. Nurses love nursing jobs because they love to help people! Ask any nurse why he or she chose to be a RN and they’ll likely tell you it’s because they are empathetic and love to help people and take care of others.

Even though you love your nursing job, sometimes you’re ready for a change. Winter often brings about a desire for change, but what can you do as a nurse that loves his or her profession, but just needs a little excitement in life? What if you could continue to do what you love to do, grow professionally, and travel our great nation seeing all the sights while you work? This exact scenario is waiting for you with travel nursing jobs…oh, and did I forget to say,travel nursing jobs come with excellent pay and benefits too? What are you waiting for…it’s 2016, and travel nursing jobs are out there waiting for you!

Relax, we’ve got you covered…

If you’re curious about travel nursing jobs, but not sure where to start, a reputable agency like Premier Healthcare Professionals, consistently voted tops in the industry, is the place to look first. We’ve got your back and will help you with all of your questions related to travel nursing jobs, like relocation and housing questions, questions regarding benefits and pay, destinations to work, live and explore, and our agency provides great benefits and pay with our travel nursing jobs.

Benefits And Pay

Travel nursing jobs offer excellent pay and benefits. Our agency has never lost one of our dedicated nursing professionals to another agency over compensation! That’s saying a lot! Our travel nursing jobs also offer sign-on and completion bonuses for 13-week assignments. Your housing will be luxurious and fully furnished accommodations provided by our housing coordinators who will work with you to make sure your needs are met no matter if you’re traveling alone or with family, friends or pets. Your utilities and relocation expenses are also partially reimbursable.

Professional liability and worker’s compensation coverage, major medical insurance, prescription drug coverage, and 401K are all offered beginning on the first day of your employment.   Dental insurance and other options are also available as are significant tax savings if you maintain your permanent residence while you enjoy your various travel nursing jobs. We also offer assistance with licensing and educational reimbursement and referral bonuses to give you a little extra money to travel and explore your new location.

Where can you go?

Well, the sky’s the limit here. The better question may be, where do you want to go? It’s pretty likely that travel nursing jobs are there! We provide travel nursing jobs in all 50 states and also locations overseas, so where do you want to go in 2016? With travel nursing jobs, you can hit the slopes in Denver, CO, cruise the strip in Miami, FL, or see the shows in NYC…the choice is yours!

So how about changing it up in the New Year with travel nursing jobs.   Continue to do what you love to do…helping people while you explore this great nation, or the world! The choice is yours…travel nursing jobs are waiting for you, so Apply Now to get going on your grand adventure in 2016!