For Health Care Professionals.

Are you a health care professional looking for a new job in 2017? Maybe you want to look for a permanent position or maybe you’re a health care professional looking for a temporary job like travel nursing. Either way, health care professionals are in high demand these days so you need to find representation to make sure you get the best placement, with the best pay and benefits you can. Don’t leave your future up to just anyone…look for an agency that helps health care professionals find placements in the best locations in the country and overseas with top pay and benefits for the job. If you are a health care professional with a nursing degree, you can get even higher pay and great benefits if you look into travel nursing. Here are some of the best benefits you can expect to see if you sign with the best travel nursing agency.

High Hourly Rates

Travel nursing jobs usually have higher hourly rates compared to regular staff nursing jobs. If you have a specialty, you can expect your earnings to be even higher. Depending on demand, certain locations also can provide a higher salary. Just imagine, being paid top dollar to work in the location of your dreams!

Reimbursement for Housing, Utilities and Relocation Expenses

One of the top questions health care professionals unfamiliar with travel jobs have, is how can I afford to relocate? Moving from place to place can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before and expensive to also! You will have relocation expenses and costs for setting up utilities. Most travel nursing agencies will provide you with a housing stipend, or provide housing for you. The best bet is to have your agency provide housing for you so all you have to do is show up. Temporary housing can be fully furnished luxurious accommodations in great locations, so you simply arrive with your family and pets (yes, you can bring your pets) and you’ll be ready to get to work!

Medical, Dental and 401K

You should expect comprehensive medical, dental, and prescription drug coverage for you and your family members. You should also look for a travel nursing agency that will provide professional liability and worker’s compensation coverage and enrollment in 401K.

Tax Advantage Plan

If you maintain a permanent residence that is more than 50 miles away from your travel nursing assignment, you will qualify for tax breaks. A great travel nursing agency will help you maximize the tax benefits you qualify for.

Referral Bonus

The very best travel nursing agency will even offer referral bonuses upwards of $500 for the first referral and even higher for additional referrals.

Great benefits and pay are can be yours in 2017 if you are a licensed health care professional. If you’re a health care professional with a nursing degree and are interested in an exciting career in travel nursing, Apply online and let us help you get the best pay with the most benefits in the top travel nursing destinations today! The world is yours to explore in 2017, so get out there and live your dreams as a travel nurse, either here in the United States or overseas!