Travel Nursing Can Take You There!

The holidays conjure up warm and cozy feelings filled with fireplaces, family, eggnog and heavy meals. If your travel nursing assignment takes you away for the holidays, you may have mixed feelings. Hopefully you read our last blog on surviving the holidays with travel nursing jobs away from home, but one way to combat the holiday blues would be to do something extraordinary! Travel nursing down under may be just what the doctor ordered to get you out of your holiday blues. Here are just a few of the perks you can enjoy with travel nursing jobs in Australia during the holiday months.

Trade in your winter boots for flip flops!

If you are a “toes in the sand” kind of person, there’s no better place to spend a year travel nursing! Australia’s seasons are perfect if you are trying to escape the brutal winters up north. Spring in Australia is September to November, and December through February are winter months. If you’re looking for something entirely different during the holiday season, why not try travel nursing in Australia.

What can you do on your days off?

The weather is perfect in Australia for all sorts of outdoor activities in the months of December through February, so get ready to get outdoors and enjoy your holidays at the beach! Who needs a Christmas tree when you can decorate a palm tree instead! All kidding aside, it would be something fun and different if you’re looking to get away from the norm. Surfing, sailing, biking are all fun outdoor activities you can do in Australia in the months of December through February that your friends in the northern United States can only dream of! If you’re a scuba diver or into snorkeling, obviously the Great Barrier Reef is a huge draw. Unique wildlife and nature experiences also abound and you’ll find whale watching, kangaroos, koala bears, reptiles and bird species that cannot be found anywhere else. To cap off the holiday season, why not enjoy the spectacular fireworks show over the Sydney Harbour?

For many, travel to Australia is a lifelong dream. If you are a RN with at least a year’s experience, you can realize this dream with travel nursing jobs in Australia. Travel nursing jobs in Australia are rewarding, but you’ll need a reputable travel nursing agency to guide you through the lengthy licensure process. Premier Healthcare Professionals can help you through this process and ensure you receive the very best benefits and compensation package available.

So what are you waiting for? Apply now to get started on your dreams of living and working down under with travel nursing jobs in Australia!