Here Are Some Travel Nursing FAQs

So many nurses are interested in just changing things up a little and for many, travel nursing jobs may just be the perfect change! If you’re finding yourself dreaming of adding a little excitement to your life, but still want to do what you love and what you’ve studied so hard for, you should consider travel nursing jobs!   Travel nurses are in high demand all over the country and with changes to healthcare and an aging population, this is not expected to change. If you are contemplating travel nursing jobs for whatever reason, you probably have a lot of questions! To hopefully help you out, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about travel nursing jobs.

Where can I go as travel nurse

So this may be the best part…where do you want to go? It can be an exciting proposition, as travel nursing jobs are available all over the United States and also in other countries. If you don’t speak another language, you may want to focus on Australia, United Kingdom or South Africa, for overseas nursing jobs. In the U.S. you can literally choose from all over the country, from sunny Florida, to historic New England, from the Rocky Mountains, to California!

What can I expect to be paid?

Travel nurses receive excellent pay on a par with or even higher than staff nurses. If you plan wisely, and choose locations with higher pay rates, favorable overtime pay, and higher housing stipends, you can really come out with a lucrative assignment. Depending on your specialty, you may even make more money!

How long will my assignments be?

Contracts can vary in length, from 13 to 52 weeks (especially in some overseas locations) Occasionally, contract extensions may be offered, and if you’ve signed with the best travel nursing agency, you can expect to be paid completion bonuses upon completion of your assignment.

What kind of benefits can I expect?

Travel nurses receive excellent benefits! Of course, benefits vary by agency, but the best agencies offer sign-on and completion bonuses, housing, utilities and relocation reimbursement, comprehensive medical and dental insurance, prescription drug coverage, 401K, professional liability and worker’s compensation coverage.

Where will I live?

You can choose to find your own housing and furnishings, or you can hit the easy button, and have your agency provide luxurious, completely furnished housing. Many nurses find this to be the easiest option, since it takes all the guesswork out, and ensures you have a smooth transition.

Can my family and pets come with me?

YES! Your family members and pets can come with you! Even in an overseas location like Australia, your family members are allowed to travel with you on your permit.

If you are a nurse with a sense of adventure, then travel nursing jobs may be for you! If you get started now, you can be headed out on your new adventure as a travel nurse before you know it! Apply online and let us help you get started on an adventure of a lifetime with fantastic travel nursing jobs with the best pay excellent benefits!