With Travel Nursing Australia

If you’re one of the many people dreaming of visiting Australia, you’re not alone, and if you happen to be a nurse, travel nursing in Australia may be the just the ticket you’ve been looking for.  For many, visiting Australia is just a dream.  Airfare alone can cost nearly $2,000 as it is literally halfway across the globe, not to mention other exorbitant expenses involved with traveling abroad.

This is why travel nursing Australia is such a popular request.  Not only will you get to perform the job you love so much in an English-speaking foreign country, you’ll get great pay, great benefits, all while you live your dreams exploring the land down under with travel nursing Australia.  As you can imagine, landing travel nursing jobs in Australia can be a daunting task.  Here are a few things you’ll want to know before you begin your search for travel nursing in Australia.

Patience Is A Virtue

Finding a job Travel nursing in Australia doesn’t just happen overnight.  In fact, the process can take months.  You’ll need a travel nursing agency experienced with overseas travel nursing placements to help you navigate the arduous licensing and application process.  Finding a goodtravel nursing agency is key, because they can take all the hassle out of the process including registration, placement and travel arrangements.

Placement contracts are available in Australia for 12-24 months in both metropolitan and rural areas.  Nurses permitted to work in Australia can typically also work in New Zealand under the same documentation. Your immediate family can travel with your under your work visa.

Becoming licensed in Australia can be a time consuming process.  Registered  nurses must be admitted to the Australian Boards of Nursing.  The Nurses Board Of Southern Australia (NBSA) will assess your documentation to ensure your credentials and experience level meet international standards.  Be prepared to submit your Transcript of Training, all education records and certification and employment history for review and pass exams.  The registration process can take anywhere from three to six months.  Your travel nursing agency will also handle your immigration documentation to make sure you have all the proper visas to work and live in Australia.

So you see, it may require time and patience to live your dreams with travel nursing in Australia, but your hard work and efforts will pay off as you get to explore all that Australia has to offer.  Just imagine, seeing Australia and even New Zealand as you work, earning top dollar doing exactly what you love.  It’s a great combination that is not available to most people.  What are you waiting for?  Give us a call for the best pay, great benefits and all the help and guidance you need to live your dreams with travel nursing in Australia.