Project Description

Travel Nursing Licensing

Positions are available in Private and Public hospitals in both metropolitan and rural locations for 12 – 24 month permanent placement contracts. When nurses are placed in Australia through PHP, we handle the hassles of registration, placement and travel arrangements so the nurse can focus on enjoying life and practicing his or her profession. Our dedicated staff is there to support you throughout your Australian experience.

Licensure for Registered Nurses in Australia

It is required that any Registered Nurse be admitted to the Australian Boards of Nursing before starting employment in Australia.

PHP recommends the Nurses Board of Southern Australia. The NBSA has a legal responsibility to verify your qualification with your local nursing authority to ensure that your experience is that of international standard. Once you have completed the necessary documentation and returned it to the NBSA the assessment process can be completed. The process of registration can take anything from 3-6 months.

Membership with the NBSA is valid for one year and is renewable on an annual basis in August each year. You will be required to forward an original copy of your Transcript of Training and Verification from your current board of nursing directly to Australia.

Immigration for Registered Nurses to Australia

PHP will make sure that all the correct immigration documentation is in order for your arrival and subsequent work and life in Australia.

Temporary Business (Long Stay) visa (subclass 457) The above visa is for registered nurses to work in Australia for an approved business sponsor, for up to four years. Your accompanying family members can work and study in Australia. There is no limit on the number of times you enter in and out of Australia.

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