For a Travel Nursing Job

So if you’ve been reading our recent blog posts, and they’ve inspired you to take the plunge and go for travel nursing jobs in 2016, we’re so excited for you! You recognize the great opportunity for adventure, excitement, travel and all this while you’re doing the job you love and getting top pay and benefits to boot! Travel nursing jobs can be exhilarating and frightening if you are a first timer, so we’re here to help you ease into your transition smoothly if you are preparing for your first assignment as a travel nurse here in the United States.

The first step in preparing for travel nursing jobs is to ask yourself a few key questions about your upcoming assignment. Here’s a good start:

What Will You Need? Depending on your agency arrangements, your accommodations will be either fully furnished (furnishings only provided) or turn key (furnishings and household items like linens, silverware, dishes, and small appliances, and televisions.) Obviously, it’s important for you to find out what will be provided for you.

How Will You Arrive? Most travel nurses drive to their assignment, allowing not only room to carry more items along, but also to have transportation while residing in their new destination. If you are flying and plan on alternative transportation (like biking or taking the train) then you’ll have to pack lightly or plan to ship a container if necessary.

How long will you be gone? The length of your contract will determine how much of your life you will need to bring along. Obviously, you would pack differently if you were going to be gone for just a few weeks than you would if you accepted two back-to-back 13-week assignments.

Where are you going? Of course, your wardrobe needs to be planned out with the climate in mind. If you’re headed to Florida, your wardrobe will be a lot different than it would in the Northeast. You’ll need to have everything you need for work, PLUS everything you will need to enjoy your days off. Will you be hiking, biking, surfing, enjoying cultural activities like plays or concerts? Keep all these things in mind as you plan for your adventure.

How do you live? It’s a great idea to take notes of how you live your life at home for a week. How do you relax, what do you enjoy during your time off, what items do you use to cook and clean the most? If you make a list of what items you use to live your life on a daily basis, you’ll be able to determine and bring along the items that really matter.

So, now that you’ve decided to take the plunge into travel nursing jobs, consider some of these questions as you plan for your great adventure. Follow along with us next month as we continue to help you plan what to bring for your travel nursing jobs. If you haven’t taken the plunge into travel nursing jobs yet, but want to keep on helping people while you explore our great nation, then travel nursing jobs are waiting for you, so Apply Now to get going on your grand adventure in 2016!