With Overseas Travel Nursing Jobs

It’s a New Year and so many of use are making resolutions at this time of year. Many people resolve to lose weight, sleep better, be less stressed, volunteer more, but as a nurse, you are in the unique position to be able to resolve to travel more and see the world with an overseas travel nursing job! Imagine how exciting life could be living as an overseas travel nurse and exploring all the world has to offer on your days off!

If this sounds exciting to you, maybe your resolution should be to travel more this year as an overseas travel nurse. I know it can be an overwhelming prospect, but there are agencies available to help you navigate the process and get started. All you need to accomplish this goal is the desire to change your life, a sense of adventure, and a little patience for the process and before the end of 2016,you’ll be living your dream as an overseas travel nurse.

For most overseas travel nurses, unless they have a second language under their belts, most decide to travel to an English speaking country.   Popular countries for overseas travel nursing jobs are South Africa, Australia and The United Kingdom. Each country has different requirements for licensure and immigration and the processes can be lengthy, so no sense in delaying your start once you’ve made up your mind to explore overseas travel nursing jobs.

Australia – In order to apply for overseas travel nursing jobs in Australia, you must obtain a temporary business visa and be admitted to the Australian Boards of Nursing. These processes can be lengthy and registration can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Once you obtain your membership with the Nurses Board, it is renewable on an annual basis and work visas can be valid for up to 4 years as long as you’re working for an approved business sponsor. Additionally, your family members can work and study in Australia with you! Imagine all you can see and do living down under for 1-4 years!

United Kingdom – As a RN in the United States, in order to apply for overseas travel nursing jobs in The United Kingdom, you must be admitted to the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) by 1) passing the International English Language Testing System exam and 2) successfully completing the 20 day protected learning assessment, held in the UK. Once you’ve been admitted to the NMC, your travel nursing agency can help you with the immigration process. Just imagine, all of the countries in Europe, yours to explore with your exciting overseas travel nursing job!

If you are a nurse with a sense of adventure, why don’t you resolve to travel more in 2016 with overseas travel nursing jobs? If you get started now, you can be living your dreams as an overseas travel nurse this year! Apply online and let us help you get started on an adventure of a lifetime with a fantastic overseas travel nursing job with the best pay and the most benefits available!