– Can It Be Done?

Travel nursing jobs are considered dream jobs for so many…especially young, single Registered Nurses, and older, more experienced RNs looking to travel the country or world. But what about RNs that are also parents? Is it possible for parents to work travel nursing jobs…the answer is YES! You can work travel nursing jobs with your kids! I’m not saying it will be easy, but nothing worthwhile comes without effort, right? Travel nursing jobs can take you and your family all over this great country and even the world, and imagine the life lessons your kids will learn traveling. Here are the ins and outs of taking travel nursing jobs with kids in tow…you can do it!


First off, your housing needs as a parent will differ from those of nurses taking travel nursing jobs without kids. You’ll need safe, family friendly accommodations with comfortable sleeping arrangements for all of your kids. Most travel nursing agencies provide one bedroom or studio accommodations that will not suit nurses traveling with kids and spouse in tow. Talk to your travel nursing agency to see if they can assist you in finding appropriate housing, or simply take the stipend and find your own accommodations to suit your needs.


If you are traveling with a partner, your childcare needs may be minimized, but at some point, if your kids are younger, you’ll need childcare. It can be a difficult task finding childcare for shift work, but it can be done. There are many options for childcare these days and you need only look online for reputable childcare agencies in your destination city. You’ll find agencies will take care of everything for you including background checks and provide you with a list of candidates to interview. Many travel nurses are lucky enough to have a family member or nanny to travel along with them as well, which is the perfect scenario.


If you have school age children, you may think it would be impossible to take travel nursing jobs but that’s not the case. Today, there are online school options that may provide opportunities for your kids that traditional schools may not. Many kids are home schooled these days through online schools for various reasons that don’t include travel. Rest assured, your kids can find an excellent education with many enrichment opportunities not available to kids enrolled in regular schools.

Location, Location, Location

Obviously, you’ll have a little more to consider when you chose where your travel nursing jobs will be than your childless counterparts. Will you look for travel nursing jobs in rural or metropolitan areas, which was recently highlighted in our recent blog post. Which locations offer activities suited for your family? Which locations provide a family-friendly environment for your kids, with nearby parks, activities, and playmates?

Clearly, there are lots things to consider before you decide to try travel nursing jobs with your kids, but it can be done. With a little pre-planning, your family can set off on an adventure of a lifetime with travel nursing jobs! If you’re interested in learning more about travel nursing jobs, contact us or apply now to get going on your new dream job!