… of Travel Nursing Jobs

If you’ve been curious about all the hype surrounding travel nursing jobs, but don’t really know what’s up with them, then we are here to help! Travel nursing jobs can be perfect for anyone as long as you know the whos, hows, whats and wheres about these fun and exciting jobs. Let’s jump right in!


So who can apply for travel nursing jobs? The answer is any Registered Nurse with at least one year of experience. If your are not a RN, here is a great article regarding the multiple pathways to becoming a Registered Nurse available these days. No matter your pathway, in the end, you’ll have to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX)-RN in order to become an RN. As you gain experience, another great bonus is obtaining specialty certifications…these can also help you land travel nursing jobs more quickly. Finally, you need a love for travel and a sense of adventure. Travel nursing jobs may not be for those who consider themselves “homebodies” obviously!


So how do you go about becoming a travel nurse? First off you’ll have to find a reputable travel nursing agency to help you on your journey. You’ll want to find an agency that provides top pay and benefits, along with a helpful staff that genuinely cares about your wellbeing. Your enjoyment of your travel nursing experience is directly related to your travel nursing agency since they will place you in your jobs, arrange for your housing, and provide pay and benefits.


Many have heard of travel nursing jobs, but don’t know what they are all about. If you’re one of those people, I have good news for you! Travel nursing jobs not only take you everywhere you want to go, they also provide excellent benefits and fantastic pay! Overseas travel nursing jobs are often 1-2 years in duration, while here in the US, you can expect a 13-week placement with option to extend. Your travel nursing agency will help you with licensing and immigration requirements, job placement and provide housing for you and any family members. If you’d like more detailed information on travel nursing benefits, click here.


This is the fun part of explaining travel nursing jobs. So where can travel nursing jobs take you? The answer is just about anywhere! Travel nursing jobs are available all across the United States in both rural and urban settings. Have you always dreamed of visiting the land down under? It’s a bucket list destination for many, but for travel nurses, that dream can become a reality…yes, you can live and work in Australia as a travel nurse!How about a year abroad in Europe, based in the UK, living and working as a travel nurse and exploring the many countries available via the massive Eurail network on your days off! If you’re not up for a longer, overseas contract, maybe you’d rather begin closer to home with a 13-week assignment here in the US. Choose your state, and choose your setting, rural or urban, and explore our great country!

You’ve got a fantastic opportunity waiting for you! Travel nursing jobs in exciting destinations are waiting for you, so why not get started today? If you’re a RN with at least one year of experience, you can be living your dreams with travel nursing jobs! Don’t hesitate…APPLY TODAY!