Top Benefits That Set Us Apart

This benefit is offered by PHP for assignments at some hospitals and many of our clients also provide completion bonuses for 13-week assignments.

Luxurious, completely furnished housing is provided by PRP travel nursing agency .Whether you are traveling with your family, friends, or pets, our housing coordinators can help find the right place to stay during your assignment.

PHP also pays to relocate you to your assignment within one week of your arrival and can organize the set up of utilities for your apartment. We will pay $75 a month toward your utility services for the duration of your assignment.

If you have been placed in back–to–back 13-week assignments in the same city or hospital by PHP travel nursing agency, one week of your housing will be paid for in between those assignments.

Beginning on the first day of your employment, free, single, major medical insurance is offered to you through a national carrier. Prescription drug coverage. preventive treatment, and emergency room visits and hospitalizations are included. A choice of single or family coverage for dental insurance plans is also offered by PHP. Another benefit is that on the first day of your assignment, you may be enrolled in a 401K.

PHP travel nursing agency also provides immediate professional liability and worker’s compensation coverage, along with many other insurance options.

Our meals and incidentals plan can help to increase your take-home pay. You may qualify for this program if you have a permanent address more than 50 miles from your temporary assignment.

If you have a permanent address and maintain a separate address during your temporary assignment, you also qualify for a tax-break.

One of the other top benefits provided to our dedicated nursing professionals is that we can help guide you through each state’s licensing process and give  up to $100 reimbursement for licensing fees in your assigned state.

For each 13-week assignment, PHP will reimburse $25 to go towards CEU courses and certifications. PHP can also assist you with locating classes.

PHP travel nursing agency benefits don’t end there. Bonuses for referring a healthcare professional once they have worked for PHP for one month may be issued.

  • A $500 bonus will be paid for the first referral.
  • Receive $750 for the second referral
  • Earn $350  for referring client hospitals that result in a new signed contract and placement of a health care professional.