…And You Need Travel Nursing Jobs

Any way you slice it these days, we all just want to be a part of an industry that has job openings, and that fulfills our needs, dreams and goals, and travel nursing jobs do just that. No matter what happens in the world, there will always be a demand for nurses, and if there’s a particular shortage in a certain area of the world, travel nursing jobs will be on the rise in that area. Here are a few reasons why travel nurses are in demand, and why nurses choose travel nursing jobs.

Why Travel Nursing Needs You

Travel nurses are in demand and this is only expected to increase. Due to seasonal population increases, and more and more people obtaining healthcare coverage, certain cities need temporary healthcare professionals to fill the gap based on seasonal or immediate need. Travel nurses can do just that and can provide reliable care based on their many years of experience. Travel nurses provide expert care and are accustomed to jumping right into a new work environment and getting to work right away with little or no training. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities appreciate these facts and are willing to pay more for these seasoned, experienced professionals.

According to a local Atlanta hospital that saw a 52% increase in travel nursing jobs in 2015, travel nurses play a vital role: “From a financial viewpoint, the travel nurses can cost significantly more per hour than regular nurses. But the travel nurses provide a vital role to help the hospital fills gaps in staffing so they can serve more patients.”1

Why You Need Travel Nursing Jobs

If you’re an experienced RN with several years served, you may just be looking for a change. Maybe you’re a new nurse with at least a year’s experience, and you just want to see the world, getting paid while you do it. Maybe your kids have left the nest, and you’re looking for some new, fresh adventures? No matter what the reason, travel nursing jobs can fulfill lifelong dreams for many. Here are some top reasons nurses choose travel nursing jobs over regular, staff nursing positions.

Travel – Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to travel? Traveling across the United States and overseas is a big perk of travel nursing jobs. Just imagine living and working in international destinations like Australia, the United Kingdom, or South Africa…how exciting! Travel nursing jobs can also take you from coast to coast in the United States, exploring metropolitan and rural areas alike. Imagine your life in sunny south Florida, exciting New York City, or hip and trendy California. The sky’s the limit with travel nursing jobs and where they can take you!

Pay and Benefits – Travel nursing jobs provide not only top industry pay, but excellent benefits as well, including health, dental and prescription drug coverage, professional liability and worker’s compensation coverage, 401K and a tax advantage plan. The best travel nursing agency will also provide referral, sign-on and completion bonuses, licensing and educational reimbursement assistance, and housing, utilities and relocation reimbursement.

Just close your eyes and envision your life in the city or country of your dreams. Just blink and make a change to a new, exciting destination while doing the job you love! All this and more can be yours with travel nursing jobs! What are you waiting for? Apply today!

1 http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2015/05/24/kaiser-growth-traveling-nurses/27708517/