Picture this: you’ve just finished a shift at the hospital, and you have a day off in a city you’ve never lived in before. Considering that you’ve probably spent most of your time on assignment either working or sleeping, this is your first chance to truly experience your new city! 


This blog article is for any lucky Travel Nurses who are expecting to find themselves in Seattle, Washington, on assignment sometime soon. Take notes – you’re going to want to plan your itinerary! 24 hours is not a lot of time to get to know a whole city, but we’ve sourced a few Seattle highlights for you to enjoy before you hop on a plane or back in your car to head home. 


First things first: coffee!


Seattle is renowned for its diverse and inventive coffee culture, so you’re going to want to set off first thing in the morning to get a good cup of Joe. If a sweet Vietnamese coffee is your thing, then head off to Hello Em in Little Saigon for a Viet roast and other traditional fares. For classic espresso, you can’t beat Fulcrum Café, a Seattle institution run by esteemed fifth-generation Costa Rican coffee farmer Blas Aflaro. 


Next up:  mid-morning walk in the park


After you’ve grabbed your coffee, you might want to enjoy a walk through one of Seattle’s many beautiful parks. Kerry Park, located at the top of the Queen Anne neighborhood, offers some of the best views of the skyline in the city! The panoramic views show everything that the Emerald City and surrounds have to offer, including the majestic Mount Rainier and the iconic Space Needle. 


Spend an afternoon at the farmer’s market!


No visit to Seattle would be complete without a stop at the Pike Place Market, one of the oldest markets in America. The city’s famous fish-throwing market has been running since 1907! This historic downtown location is populated with local vendors and small restaurants, making it the perfect place to stop and enjoy a bite to eat before evening falls. 


Evening: a drive-in date with yourself 


For a classic greasy spoon meal, be sure to stop by Dick’s Drive-In. Dick’s is a culinary landmark of Seattle, serving up French fries, cheeseburgers, and milkshakes to the masses since 1954. Place your order at the window and then pick up your meal to enjoy in the car on the way to your next stop, which is…


…SIFF Cinema! 


The SIFF Cinema Uptown is the first of three SIFF locations, and it’s the heart of the celebrated independent film scene in Seattle. It’s also the home of the Seattle Independent Film Festival (hence the name). You can enjoy a wide range of fresh cinematic offerings here before nightfall! 


After dark: time to explore the city nightlife!


The fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down! Seattle has a vibrant nightlife for you to enjoy, like The Doctor’s Office in Capitol Hill. Normally, we’d encourage you not to head back to the workplace this late at night, but The Doctor’s Office offers a boutique experience that cannot be missed! It’s run by bartender Keith Waldbauer and actual medical professional Dr. Matthew Powell. When the doctor is in, the Travel Nurse follows…


For a more laid-back environment, check out Tapster Seattle, the city’s first self-pour taproom. The premises boast swings and bocce ball games, offering the perfect opportunity to spend your last few hours in the city hanging out and having fun. A big bonus at Tapster is that you can try everything by the ounce before committing to a whole pint! The bar has 57 taps to pour from and includes kombucha and cold brew options. 


That’s it! A whole day spent in Seattle, Washington. You can go home and pack your bags knowing that you’ve fulfilled one of the best parts of being a Travel Nurse: gaining new experiences in unfamiliar cities!