Travel nursing is a career that keeps nurses up and running all the time – literally! If you aren’t on your feet for hours traveling to your next assignment, you’re spending half a day or more rushing around busy wards. With such little time on your hands to enjoy a regular lunch break, snacking is a Travel Nurse’s best friend. 


Still, as healthcare professionals, you know that not all snacks are created equal. The best snacks offer a balance of protein, fats, and complex carbohydrates. To optimize your personal health and to ensure that you are getting all the low-GI energy that you need, PHP has rated our top seven snacks for busy Travel Nurses on the go. 


  • Oatmeal 

We know, we know – oatmeal is a meal, not a snack! Still, oats are complex carbohydrates and they’re packed with plant fiber, meaning that they will keep you fuller and more energized for longer. Microwave a sachet of oatmeal in a mug and sprinkle it with some cinnamon and honey for a delicious, healthy, and quick snack that will see you through the night shift. 


  • Dried fruit 

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is the perfect snack for you. Dried fruit is more portable and has a more stable shelf life than fresh fruit, and it still packs a punch of fiber and flavor. Dried fruit is extremely high in sugar, so it’s a good idea to diversify the nutritional power of this snack by pairing it with some whole nuts and seeds or a creamy nut spread. Medjool dates with peanut butter? Yes, please! 


  • Wasabi peas 

Wasabi might be an acquired taste, but it’s a delicious one! Wasabi peas are crispy, crunchy, fiery, and fiber-rich. Peas are also high in protein and low in carbs, which is a big win for such a little legume. If you’re not a fan of spicy snacks, then opt for dry roasted garlic peas or salted peas instead!


  • Jerky 

Jerky has a long history as being a camping snack, but no more – jerky is enjoying a comeback as an uber-portable, shelf-stable, high-protein snack. It’s also low-mess, meaning that you can tuck it into your scrubs or in your car console during long trips without worrying about crumbs! 


  • Popcorn 

This classic snack is also due for a makeover. While the golden, butter-drenched popcorn that you order at the cinema is hardly a healthy snack, you can make a more sophisticated version by popping your own popcorn at home and drizzling it with olive oil and dried herbs and spices, or rosemary and parmesan for an uber-umami high-fiber snack! 


  • Sweet potato chips 

Regular potato chips are a beloved snack all across the world, but sweet potato chips trump them in terms of fiber content and nutritional value. For the same crunchy crisp in the bite with even more fiber, opt for this healthy alternative when the munchies sneak up on you.  


  • Apples and bananas

Of all fresh fruits, apples and bananas tend to be the most readily available and extremely portable. Both fruits are rich in fiber and vitamins. They both also pair beautifully with peanut butter! For the ultimate, fresh snack which delivers on fat, protein, and natural sugars, load up some apple or banana slices with some unprocessed and unsweetened peanut butter. Delicious! 


When you’re next packing a lunch box for work, keep our snacks in mind so that you’re fueled up and ready to take on your next travel assignment!