Before you begin the adventure of a lifetime as a Travel Nurse, you might want to sit down and think about what it is that you would like to achieve in the course of your career. Having a few goals organized into a bucket list keeps you focused, reminds you why you began this career in the first place, and will land up taking you places and giving you experiences you didn’t even know were possible! Here are some suggested bucket list items to get you started:


  • Travel from coast to coast

Not very many people can say that they have travelled so much of America, and you’re about to do that and get paid for it! The warm tones of the east coast fall foliage will charm and enthral you and, when the weather gets too icy, you can chase warmer weather on the west coast. 


  • Curate your own experiences

Are you looking for a vibey party scene? Do you want to immerse yourself in an historic city? Is there a local art scene that has caught your eye? Even if you don’t land an assignment in a city that offers exactly what you’re looking for, you can take a day trip to one nearby that does. Travel nursing frees you up for all sorts of adventures! This is your opportunity to do that thing you’ve always wanted, whether it’s attending Mardi Gras or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 


  • Travel by car 

Travelling by car is great! It’s easier and cheaper to load your boxes into a car (be careful not to overpack, though!), and it gives you the freedom to explore your new city and beyond. 


  • Travel without a car

On the flip side, you might also want to pick a city where you don’t need a car! Travelling without a vehicle encourages you to experience a city in a totally different way. Walking and using public transport creates a niche kind of experience where you get to know your city really intimately. 


  • Learn a new hobby 

If you didn’t grow up near the ocean but your assignment takes you to a coastal city, then why not take the opportunity to learn how to surf? Similarly, if you move to a mountainous region, take up hiking or rock climbing! You’ll gain a new skill and, inevitably, new friends. 


  • Volunteer in your local community 

Travel nursing can get lonely, and it’s tough to shake the mindset that, because you’re only there temporarily, you shouldn’t get too attached to your new home. Check that mindset at the door! Just because you’re not going to be there forever, that doesn’t mean that you can’t form meaningful relationships with the community. Make lifelong friends and formative experiences by volunteering for local feeding initiatives, or something like Doctors Without Borders, which is bound to connect you with like-minded people wherever you are in the world. 


  • Take some time off

Use a good chunk of time off to travel solely for pleasure. Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with your assignment city and you don’t want to leave just yet! Or maybe you’ve been looking forward to spending a long time with loved ones back at home. Either way, the importance of scheduling time for yourself so that you can rest and avoid burnout cannot be overstated. 


  • Travel alone 

It might sound frightening, but think about it: when are you ever going to enjoy this much independence in your life again? This is your chance to truly get to know yourself and relish genuine personal freedom. 


Those are our top eight suggestions for a Travel Nurse’s bucket list. Feel free to use them to start your own bucket list and begin the adventure of a lifetime with PHP!