Travel nursing is the healthcare profession on everyone’s mind, and we can’t blame them. It’s one of the most exciting career paths on the market! Here are a few interesting facts about travel nursing. 


  • Travel nursing has been around for a while 

Travel nursing has been around for decades! Legend has it that the idea of the modern Travel Nurse as we know and love them came about in the late 1970s, when a Mardi Gras-related population influx to New Orleans caused the city to call in nursing reinforcements from elsewhere. And thus, travel nursing was born!


  • Travel Nurses get valuable experience 

Travel Nurses experience more change than most healthcare professionals, and that’s a good thing! Because they experience so many different work environments in the course of their careers, Travel Nurses are exposed to diverse cultures, practice environments, and patient populations. This makes them some of the most experienced and valuable members of any healthcare team. 


  • Travel Nurses do not require additional training to qualify 

You don’t require any additional education to be a Travel Nurse. Although you will need a valid practising licence and some experience, you don’t need any additional qualifications before you begin your exciting new career path. 


  • You’ll make new friends for life 

Just because you’re not a permanent staff member, that doesn’t mean you won’t be making fast friends in your new workplaces! In fact, you’re more likely to meet similarly minded people with a taste for adventure while working on assignment as a Travel Nurse. Travel Nurses make lifelong friends in their line of work and, considering the sheer number of people you’re bound to meet while traveling, it’s really no surprise! 


  • There’s high demand for your skills 

Travel nursing has been an invaluable addition to the field of healthcare since its inception, and that’s not about to change any time soon. Demand for Travel Nurses is only set to rise, and there’s no better time to apply your skills to this dynamic career opportunity than right now. 


We hope you’ve found these facts about travel nursing thought-provoking! For more reasons why you should consider a career in travel nursing, browse our other blog articles at the link below